Fastest Grinder in the Market.


Sisma can be set to automatically pre-ground the coffee dose.

Use this function  to provide the professional barista with their next shot of espresso.

Vibration Levelling System


Our innovative design enhances coffee's quality extraction while improving workflow and minimising waste.

On-The-Fly Time Setting


A joystick flick will vary the time setting by +- 0.1-sec increments, no more waste of time in complicated time programming. 

Burrs Material
Side Panels Color

Sisma on demand grinder

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Sisma is a new generation of on-demand grinders designed for busy cafes requiring quality coffee extraction and efficient workflow. Sisma features a patented Vibration Levelling System that ensures perfect delivery of the coffee dose into the portafilter.

The Sisma grinder features a cooling fan, a micrometric grind size adjustment, and an intuitive programmable dosing system driven by a joystick.

Set Sisma to grind on-demand when there is a low request for coffee, or prepare a pre-ground dose in "Auto Mode"  for busy peak hours.

Available in three different sizes: 64mm, 75mm flat burrs and 68mm conical burrs.

What's The Big Deal?

Vibration Levelling System

Sisma features a unique patented Vibration Levelling System that ensures perfect delivery of the coffee dose into the portafilter; Our innovative design enhances coffee's quality extraction while improving workflow and minimising waste.

Set Sisma to grind on-demand or prepare a pre-ground dose in "Auto Mode". Use it on-demand when there is a low request for coffee or in Auto mode for busy peak hours.

Memory Position Burrs

The coffee grinder chamber is accessible by removing the top burr sleeve. It will save time for the maintenance-cleaning, and the grinder will always retain its last grinder setting.

Micrometric Grinding Adjustment

Our adjustable micrometric grinding system is a "step-less" design that allows precise control over the coffee grind. Grind setting is made by rotating a tactile control dial integrated with a digital position counter

Joystick Control

Talis has an intuitive programmable dosing software driven by a joystick. In addition, our unique control interface allows on-the-fly time settings.

Burrs Life Monitoring

Slingshot will register the total grinding time to allow the Barista to monitor when the Burrs need to be replaced. A warning icon will advise when to schedule the burrs replacement.

Cooling Fan

Our range of grinders has an inbuilt climate system. The design is optimized to control the internal airflow and to maintain the coffee chamber at constant temperature.

Coffee Display Window

Our Patent Pending free standing coffee hopper design has a built-in window for displaying general information such as origins and brand of coffee used or Cafe's name .

Custom Side Panels

Slinghsot Sisma  has removable side panels that can be customised to match your coffee machine. Choose from the many available colours and materials or customise your own.

Modular Design

Our unique modular design allows joining grinders together for improving workflow and saving space. A special joining kit can link two or more grinders together. For example you can join Slingshot Dosis with the slingshot Sisma. 

S64 flat

  • Burrs: 64mm Flat
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2kg
  • Speed: 1280 rpm
  • Power: 220-240v 380/460W
  • Weight: 19.5 Kg
  • Performance: 7-8 sec for 20gr dose

S75 flat

  • Burrs: 75mm Flat
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2kg
  • Speed: 900 rpm
  • Power: 220-240v 450/570W
  • Weight: 23.5 Kg
  • Performance: 5-6 sec for 20gr dose

C68 conical

  • Burrs: 68mm conical
  • Hopper Capacity: 1.2kg
  • Speed: 450 rpm
  • Power: 220-240v 450/570W
  • Weight: 23.5 Kg
  • Performance: 4-5 sec for 20gr dose