Super Fast


Improve workflow and consistency. Saves time eliminating the need for the distribution of the coffee.

A Revolutionary Design


Chalice's unique design improves ergonomics allowing more effortless rotation movement.


Chalice Distributor Cup

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Chalice is a patented coffee tool with the dual functionality of a  dosing cup and a coffee distribution tool.

Chalice dosing cup will allow you to maximise workflow by catching your ground coffee and being placed on top of any portafilter while at the same time distributing the coffee. Use it with a scale to always measure your shots and improve consistency.

This approach produces less coffee mess on the counter, is much faster for weighing individual doses, and helps distribute grounds in the portafilter more evenly.

Assures even distribution, an important step to make an evenly extracted espresso. The Distribution Head height can be adjusted to suit the depth of any coffee dose. Chalice will fit most Grinders and 58mm portafilter.

What's The Big Deal?

Super Fast Dosing

Combining a dosing cup with the distribution of the coffee will reduce precious  time while ensuring the perfect shoot.

Removable Distribution Head

The Distribution Head is attached with a magnetic locking system. The Barista can  easily remove the Distribution Head during cleaning operations. 

Ergonomic Distributor tool

Chalice can also be used only as a coffee distributor tool. It is unique design improves ergonomics allowing more effortless rotation movement.

Adjustable Height

Chalice Distribution Head can also be adjusted to suit a range of coffee doses and basket sizes.

Chalice Distributor  Cup

  • Maximum Dose: 25 grams
  • Distributor Height : 5 to 15mm
  • Weight: 300 grams