About Us

The idea for Slingshot started in 2015. The goal was simple; create a Coffee Grinder that could be used by anyone, from the expert barista to the novice. A grinder, simple to use that continuously delivers the perfect dose of coffee without unnecessary coffee waste.

Since then, we have expanded our range to include an Automatic Tamping Device named Kilo’ and an On-Demand Espresso Grinder, which we will be announcing soon.

Innovation is the driving force to what we do here at Slingshot. We are continuously striving for new ways to improve our existing product range as well as any future products we may have.

Sustainable Innovation

We started the design process with the prerequisite to build a precise commercial Coffee Grinder. Easy to use, efficient, reliable and most of all a Coffee Grinder that eliminates unnecessary coffee wastage.

Once finalised the design we searched for the best manufacturer and components suppliers. We decided to partner only with companies that share our vision:

Design Environmentally Sustainable Quality Products.